2. Quote request
3.Quote request review
4. Quote acceptance
5. Order completed


Get a PingCastle license

Depending on the local zone, Ping Castle offers the following price:


€ 2 000 / year

  • Purchase also in USD, GBP, AUD
  • Bank wire
  • Net 30 terms
  • Electronic delivery


€ 5 999 / domain / year

  • Purchase also in USD, GBP, AUD
  • Bank wire
  • Net 30 terms
  • Electronic delivery

The process to purchase a license is:

  • Request a quote
  • You receive the quote after an internal validation
  • Once you want to purchase the license, you get back to our website to return the signed quote or an equivalent Purchase Order
  • After the validation of the document, you receive the license and the invoice with the bank coordinates for payment

At the end of the license, you will received 30 days before a renewal quote and a reminder if missed 15 days later. There is no automatic renewal!

NGO or Education

We offer a 30% discount for NGO or Education on the Auditor and Pro license.

To purchase, please fill following form. Once accepted, the discount will be applied automatically at the quote or invoice process (the normal price will still show up).

Support for the purchase process

If you need help, you can contact contact@pingcastle.com

Debarred companies

Here is the list of companies that are not allowed to use PingCastle. They have been excluded for many reasons, one being unpaid invoice. If your company is listed here and you want to be removed, we suggest contacting contact@pingcastle.com in order to find a solution.